Poundbury is a unique place. Designed and developed in accordance with the principles established by the Prince of Wales on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall on the western edge of Dorchester, the objective was to plan and build an exemplary urban extension to the ancient market town. What has been created is engaging, thought-provoking and an inspiring mix of places to work, shop, eat and live.

What started as a collection of plans and architectural blueprints by the Prince of Wales and his team of architects is now a living, thriving community. The uniquely designed housing, wide picturesque streets and snug courtyards give Poundbury a distinctive appeal and character all of its own. Now, 23 years on, Poundbury reflects the hard work, expertise and tremendous ambition of the visionary architects, builders and craftsmen who have overseen each building.

Around two thirds complete, there are now 2,600 people living in 1,450 homes and approximately 2,100 people employed in the 173 businesses that are based in Poundbury. In the next few years that will increase with the addition of another 500 homes and 5,000 square metres of commercial space in the North East Quadrant. By 2025, with the addition of the North West Quadrant, the development will expand to at least 2,200 homes. By the time it is complete it is expected that the population of Dorchester will have increased by a quarter.

Poundbury businesses are fully integrated with residential homes and therefore distributed across the wider community. They provide a vast array of services which enables residents to meet many of their daily needs on foot. You will find a real mix of businesses when you visit Poundbury; from nationally renowned companies like the confectioners House of Dorchester and the very tasty Dorset Cereals to a huge range of small independent artisan businesses. It is a place where small and large businesses are established and thrive together.

2016 will be a busy year in Poundbury as construction continues apace around Queen Mother Square, the central hub and heart of Poundbury. The buildings around Queen Mother Square comprise large complex structures of detailed classical designs that will form a generous shared use space at the centre of Poundbury. The building at the very apex of this exciting area of Poundbury will be Royal Pavilion which comprises residential apartments above a new health spa and shop. The Duchess of Cornwall Inn will be a public house restaurant and 20 bed hotel operated by the independent family brewer Hall & Woodhouse. Kings Point House, which was completed in 2014, and is now fully let with retail premises including an expanded Waitrose, the Brace of Butchers and 20,000 sq ft of office space let to RPS and AMEC. It is expected that this area, which also include Strathmore House and the retirement complex under construction by McCarthy & Stone, will be completed in 2016/17.

Poundbury is full of surprises and needs to be investigated. This website is your definitive guide to who is based here and what they offer. Browse the site and then plan your visit. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.